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The top advice strategies for blackjack players


Blackjack isn’t a complicated game to play in the world. However, it is easy to make mistakes, which can cost you huge amounts of money over time. Moreover, if you are an aspired and creative player, you will reduce your level of mistakes to near zero therefore succeeding when playing. Do you know the advanced strategies for blackjack players to remember? Here are some of the top eight strategies for blackjack players to remember:

1. Never should you reinvent the wheel

Basic strategy for blackjack players is known and it is there. Never should you try to come up with an idea that does not exists. Just learn on how to improve it if you want to be a good player. The basic strategy is always available and known by many players. It is about how you to play to win.

2. You should always split 8s and aces

According to the basic strategy, you should learn how to put pair of aces, if you are looking at that soft total 12. It will make the play exciting too to increase your winning chances.

3. Never should you take insurance

As a beginner, one of the common mistakes that many do is to take an insurance. However, insurance is one action you can take with your bets when playing. Only take insurance when you are skilled and experienced. You will definitely play wiser thus increasing your winning chances.

4. Never imitate the other dealer’s strategy

You should always remember that common sense might sometime seem to indicate if the house have an upper edge using their choice of strategy, perhaps you might get an edge—or just at least eliminate the other house’s edge—through using an equal strategy. You should learn on how to apply your strategy when playing to win.

5. You should never play 6:5 Blackjack

One of the best blackjack rules is the 3-to-2 payout if you get an ace followed by a ten on your first hand. It is known as a “blackjack” or a “natural”. However, you will find more casinos online ever offering games by paying out for the hand for only 6 to 5.

6. You should never deviate from your basic strategy

The basic strategy always have possible choices: surrender, double, hit, stand and split. You must follow it if you want to improve your chances of winning.

7. Do not split the 4s, 5s, or even 10s

Of course, if you are following the rules on playing according to the basic strategy, you will never make mistake of the splitting 4s, 5s, or even 10s. You must learn on how to play them if you want to improve your skills.

8. You should not criticize the decisions of other players

The players who often criticize the decisions of other players are easily irritated because they are proceeding from a common faulty assumption. They often think that any player who acts prior to them and makes huge mistake have limited their winning chances. In reality when playing, this is not the case. Always learn about the decision of other players.

In conclusion, the above are the 8 strategies, which you can always learn to improve your game when playing.

Use Blackjack Basic Strategy For Betting Progression


Up-as-you-lose betting progressions (the most famous of which is the Martingale, or “double-up” progression) increase the bet size after each loss. This can be a very exciting (again, that should be read as “sometimes terrorizing”) way to play. This type of progression allows for a minority number of wins that still produces a profit. However, in the game of blackjack, you can only expect to win about 45% of your hands to begin with; and that 45% places a heavy burden on this type of progression. You end up with either the need for a large bankroll (500 units or more (, or have to accept a low percentage of game wins. In either case, the variance (bankroll volatility) is very large – too large for the comfort of most players.

That leaves us with the “up-as-you-win” progressions. Here is the progression that I use (all figures are expressed in “units”, or chip denominations). It is an “up-as-you-win” progression:


You start with the first level of the progression, and increase you bets after each win. After any loss, you start the progression over at the first level. I also skip a bet after any successful double down, split, or after receiving a blackjack. This gets me further into the series faster than I normally would, and does so without any undo burden on my buy-in.

Play your hands according to your blackjack basic strategy, and keep a record of your play. That’s really all there is to playing blackjack online at the best online casinos such as Zodiac online casino.


The beautiful thing about this progression is that, once you win the first bet in the series, the worst you can do is break even, or make money, on successive bets. And the first bet is the minimum bet – a bet size that you would be making even if you were flat betting. All higher level bets are made with that you have won – not money that came out of your bankroll.

Playing with the progression of blackjack basic strategy, I have found that the length of the average game goes up to an average of 30-45 minutes per game. This is good since you are almost always assured of qualifying for the bonus in your first, or sometimes your second, game.

The other good news is that the progression allows for making money while playing blackjack online. While using the progression your buy-in will often times head south. However, I rarely play a game while using this progression where there isn’t an eventual streak that only catch me up, but also eventually leaves me ending the game with a profit.

If you use this progression, you’ll have to lay with patience and discipline. Do not become alarmed when you see your bankroll going down. Just realize that this progression has built-in mechanisms for righting itself and pulling back out. Stick to your basic strategy play, and allow the progression enough time to work itself into the game.

Now I’m not saying that this progression cannot lose – it certainly can. What I am saying is that under all but the most extreme conditions, this progression works remarkably well (you will win with high blackjack odds).